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Jun 17, 2021

We're in the middle of recording our commentary on all of the Dragon Ball movies in order... which means I had Brandon come on for the first movie. But it only took 15 minutes until he completely changed the subject to Godzilla... His feelings on Godzilla vs. Kong, the secondary market for Godzilla toys, the...

Oct 21, 2020

Kyle and Brandon are talking the 1965 Godzilla film Invasion of Astro-Monster featuring the return of King Ghidorah and Rodan on a groovy sci-fi adventure to Planet X. 

Make sure you check out the Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65 chapter! 

And come join us at 9pm EST tonight at to...

Sep 27, 2020

Brandon puts on his Doczilla hat and talks with Kyle about Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster - the 5th movie in the Godzilla franchise and a turning point in the series. Coming off of the success of Mothra vs. Godzilla and needing to add a new film to their slate in late 1964, Toho Studios decided to make an...

May 10, 2020


Here's a sneak peek of our new podcast launching Sunday, May 17th, Supaidaman Sundays.

In 1978, Marvel Comics reached a deal with Toei Productions to license and make Japanese television shows for several...

Apr 12, 2020

Kyle and Brandon watch Godzilla Raids Again, the second Godzilla film from 1955, in celebration of Brandon's birthday! Even though it is the first Kaiju fight in history (versus Anguirus) this movie is not well loved by fans, BUT IT IS BY BRANDON! Learn more about how this film specifically helped spawn the Toho...