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Oct 31, 2017

Will Kefla be a permanent fusion in Dragon Ball Super? You probably think i'm saying that because of the Potarra earrings.... It's not because of the Potarra earrings. 

Oct 29, 2017

A quick solo podcast breaking down Dragon Ball Super Episode 113 With Great Joy! The Repeat Battle-Crazy Saiyan Fight!! 

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Oct 22, 2017

Kyle, Vapin Mike and Devin watch Dragon Ball Super episode 112  A Saiyan Oath! Vegeta's Resolve! and some of the new movie rumors.

Talking Points

U6/U7 Alliance in Trouble?
What will Frieza wish for?
Kale and Caulifla Fusion?
Dragon Ball Super 100 Episodes Later YouTube Doc.
New Dragon Ball Super Movies...

Oct 21, 2017

Kyle and Brother Brandon discuss Dragon Ball Super episode 111 The Surreal Supreme Battle! Hit vs Jiren!!


Episode 111 Talking Points

- Hit vs Jiren
- U7/U6 Alliance on the way
- Universe 6 Namekians Abilities
- Can the two Xenos disagree?
- Cabba will ascend to

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Oct 9, 2017

Kyle, Vapin Mike and Martinelli have a Super Dope Party to watch Dragon Ball Super episode 109 The Ultimate Enemy Approaches Goku! Now, Let Loose! The Killer Spirit Bomb!! and Dragon Ball Super episode 110 Son Goku Wakes! New Level of the Awakened!!

Talking Points
- I Hate Ribrianne
- Belmod and Jiren connection
- Are...