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Jan 26, 2022

Kyle, GB and Raysean are discussing Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 80, Gas vs Granolah Part 2. Yes. Part 2. What did we think of the new rage form Gas? And did Bardock defeat Gas 40 years ago or did he get lucky? And why does Vegeta always lose? He caught a pretty nice kick to the face in this one, damn. 

Quick review...

Jan 19, 2022

Quick review of Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 80 drafts featuring Gas vs Granolah part 2, a new horned Gas transformation and a Bardock vs Gas PTSD flashback?! And then... Just because Dragon Ball is made for kids, does that mean it can't tell a good story? Rants incoming. 

#Granolah #Bardock #DBS80

Jan 7, 2022

Some quick Dragon Ball Super Super Hero news and a tease about the return of Dragon Ball Super anime. Then Raysean I BS about all sorts of things... it's a wild time. Check out the uncut version on Patreon. 
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Dec 31, 2021

Quick thoughts on Dragon Ball Super Manga chaper 79 Gas vs Granolah and how it equates to a letdown filler chapter. Also will Goten and Trunks be in Dragon Ball Super Super Hero? Signs point to yes. But how will they look? 
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Dec 17, 2021

We got some early spoilers for Dragon Ball Super chapter 79, and I'm looking at the new key visual for Gohan in Dragon Ball Super Super Hero... but most importantly, don't spoil Spider-Man No Way Home or else I will lobby to have you beaten in the center of town while your family cries and tacitly agrees with...