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Mar 26, 2018

Dragon Ball Super Dope Episode 131 Finale Party

Featuring Kyle, Vapin Mike, Brother Brandon, Martinelli, Alicia and occasionally Carlton.

Enjoy! We'll see you soon for the dubs!

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Mar 21, 2018

Quick check in to rectify for the quick 130 episode from the weekend. Make sure you join us for the Facebook Livestream for episode 131 on Saturday, 3/30! 


Mar 18, 2018

Dragon Ball Super Dope Episode 130

It's St. Patrick's Day so I was racing against the clock to get the podcast done before I passed out. 

This episode was amazing. I didn't have much to complain about. AND OH MY GOD, ANDROID 17 IS ALIVE DUDE

Featuring Kyle, Vapin Mike and AMBER 

Mar 13, 2018


and we livestreamed it on Facebooks. 

Subscribe to the podcast! and be sure to uhhhhhh... Watch the Facebook livestream on March 25th for the Final Episode of Super!

Mar 11, 2018

Episode 130/131 Spoilers
Toriyama's original ToP Draft vs. Anime Staff Contributions
Is your town going to broadcast the Super finale in the center of town? Cuz they're doing that shit in Latin America which is SUPER DOPE

Featuring, Kyle, Brandon, Vapin Mike and Martinelli 

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