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Sep 24, 2021

Kyle is joined by GB, Raysean and Reece to discuss Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 76 THE FATE OF THE SAIYANS. The spoilers ruined basically the whole chapter again this month, but at least we had a lot to talk about wonder why did Bardock save Granolah and Monaito... Does this make sense for this story or are they...

Sep 16, 2021

Quick solo podcast with some news about when we can expect our next peak at Dragon Ball Super Super Hero, and Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 76 - The Fate of the Saiyans. It looks like we will see round 2 of Vegeta vs Granolah, but why? And what will Elec and The Heeta Gang be wishing for?

Join us for the next watch...

Sep 9, 2021

Kyle and Jimmy discuss Dragon Ball Z Movie 1 THE DEAD ZONE - aka the one with Garlic Jr. Gohan gets capture and Goku fights alongside Kami and Piccolo to get him back. Additionally, Gohan gets drunk and sings a song, and Krillin gets peed on. It's gross.

RGAP - 1st Dragon Ball Arc Part 1
Caffeine and Senzu Beans -...