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What is Dragon Ball Super Dope?


Dragon Ball Super Dope is a (you guessed it) Dragon Ball podcast but started specifically as a Dragon Ball Super podcast that launched in August of  2017 by a group of idiot friends. Originally just a project to teach myself the ropes of editing, we found a fun little audience and have been having a blast making podcasts ever since. 

Though the series is over for now, we have continued on making episodes about the Dragon Ball Super Manga and Super Dragon Ball Heroes. We also occasionally become a My Hero Academia podcast when new episodes air, and we like lots of other general geeky stuff like Godzilla movies, The MCU and other random anime. 

New episodes on Wednesdays. Please help us out and Rate/Subscribe wherever you get podcasts, and share it with your other Dragon Ball friends. That's the best way for us to grow. 

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