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Dec 5, 2022

The return of Dragon Ball Super was somewhat rumored again last week (somehow), even though Toei's tease was very obviously about Dragon Ball Super Super Hero's BluRay Release? Come on man.

With the Dragon Ball Super panel at Jumpfesta 2022 happening on December 18th, it has been heavily rumored there will be a Dragon Ball anime announcement for a project unrelated to the ongoing story in the manga. With names like Akira Toriyama, Naohiro Shintani and Chikashi Kubota allegedly involved in the production, where are these rumors coming from? And why do I think they're real? 

We also have some quotes from Shonen Jump about the upcoming Goten and Trunks manga arc which will be a prequal to DBS Super Hero, and a Toriyama quote from the DBS Super Hero manga release stating that it is the last story before the final chapter of Dragon Ball Z! Finally.


Also, some more news about the passing of Jason David Frank and some news from his widow Tammie Frank who set the record straight on the situation and has been since facing harassment from angry Power Rangers fans. Why do people love Tommy Oliver The Green Ranger so much? 


Lastly, Spotify Wrapped and some things I learned about the Super Dope listeners, which was pretty cool.  




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