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Mar 17, 2021

A quick solo podcast on Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 70, The Strongest in the Universe! Did we just see the introduction of SSJ3 Granolah? And what will come of Vegeta training with Beerus? Will he finally get the win over Goku? 

Watch the YouTube Video here: 

Mar 10, 2021

The WandaVision finale has sparked some division in the geek community, with some going so far as to say the show was a waste of time after ending the way it did... But I think I've found the real problem with WandaVision...

Spoiler Alert: it's not the show. 
Come join our...

Mar 3, 2021

Kyle welcomes back Anthony Gramuglia of and James Supp of Antiques Roadshow and The Justuff League to discuss the upcoming WandaVision finale and all of our theories and predictions. SPOILERS AHEAD! How does WandaVision fit into the greater MCU? Did Paul Bettany troll all of us? And will Vision be able to leave...