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Jun 26, 2019

Kyle and Jimmy watch Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode 12, and Hearts is dropping his universal seed all over the place. 

Kyle tries to fight people, Jimmy almost joins a cult, and Carlton witnesses a shooting at PVDfest. We also break down either the nicest email ever, or a terrific trolljob, and discuss gathering your...

Jun 14, 2019

A Super Dope mashup of two pods I did with Jimmy and Brandon this week. Me and Brandon are talking about my idea for the new Dragon Ball Super movie and watch The Path to Power to determine if it's a good introduction movie for a starter to Dragon Ball... Me and Jimmy talk about the new game Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot...

Jun 6, 2019

Kyle and Shannon are going through another Godzilla 101 class with Professor DocZilla himself, Brandon. Learn more about the most successful entry into the Godzilla franchise, how and why it started to target a broader audience and the long term ramifications on the series. Does it provide any insight into Kong vs....

Jun 5, 2019

Kyle and Brandon are talking about Godzilla King of the Monsters and all the good, bad and ugly of the film but not before Kyle gives a quick reaction about the news of a new Dragon Ball Super movie being in production. 

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