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Dec 3, 2021

Awhile back, Kyle and Mike Norm sat down in the barroom to discuss Dragon Ball Z movie 3 The Tree of Might AKA The original evil Goku. Turles and his Crusher Corp have come to Earth (despite thinking Kakarot already destroyed it) to plant the Tree of Might. Madness ensues. 

Nov 24, 2021

Kyle and GB are discussing Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 78 GAS'S WISH! Tackling all the important questions in this chapter like What was Elec's wish? And why did Vegeta did Granolah a senzu and is it a good idea? And some other stuff.

#Granolah #DBS78 #DragonBallSuperManga

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Nov 17, 2021

Quick solo episode this week breaking down Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 spoilers and the announcement of the new game Dragon Ball Breakers. Also - The Eternals and Spider-Man No Way Home reaction. 

Raysean and Me (angry/on cough medicine): 

#Gas #DragonBallSuperManga #Granolah

Super Dope...

Oct 21, 2021

Kyle and Hayden from Dokkan When? discuss Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 77, Bardock The Father of Goku!  We learn more about Granolah's mother Muesli, we speculate on Monaito's death and how Goku's softhearted nature runs in the family.  Next month is flashback part 2 with Bardock vs Gas... Toyotarou is not...

Oct 15, 2021

Quick solo pod breaking Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 Drafts BARDOCK, THE FATHER OF GOKU. Monaito has a flashback this month, and thankfully we heard about it real quick last month so... Really looking forward to this dumb chapter.

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